Customer Experience

Your Comfort Is Our Goal

When you’re a Southwest Properties resident, we want each of our quality spaces to truly feel like home to you. 

Southwest’s goal is, “to exceed customer expectations to build long-term relationships”.  We accomplish this by doing things the way our residents and commercial tenants would choose to do things for themselves. We listen when our residents talk to us. We want people to know that they matter, and that our brand is built entirely on the sense of community they’ve helped us create.

Customer Experience

Southwest has a customer experience program for all employees in the organization to create a culture of excellence and to further enhance our customer’s experience, making Southwest the best place to live, shop, work and play. We believe Southwest is only as strong as our people, and for years our colleagues have been building our excellent reputation. Our brand is about the little things we do every day that make our residents happy that they have chosen to live with Southwest.  

We hope you enjoy a few of the little touches we have created just for you.



Other Features

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