Our Values

The Southwest Properties Higher Standard

We believe in going above and beyond to improve people’s lives by creating exceptional spaces to live, shop, work and play. Southwest Properties currently owns and operates more than 1,700 quality apartments and condos situated in the best residential areas of Halifax, as well as several commercial and retail properties that are home to everything from local independent boutiques to national businesses.

To us, a building is so much more than just a collection of walls under a single roof. At Southwest, we believe an innovative, exceptional, thoughtfully designed building can inspire great things to happen inside and around it. That’s why we construct and maintain the highest quality buildings for the communities we invest in. And we expect more from our people; we encourage deep thinking, and stepping outside of the box to help to contribute to our higher standard. 

Our Mission

To provide the best places to live, shop, work and play, creating lasting relationships with our employees, customers and partners.

Our Values

  • We are honest and value integrity
  • We appreciate, respect and value each other, our customers and partners
  • We encourage open communication; we actively listen and value being listened to
  • We work as a team, understanding and building on our diversity, as we work towards a common goal
  • We have passion, persistence and the will to succeed
  • We demonstrate a commitment to excellence by:
    • Performing to the best of our capability in a professional, consistent and reliable manner;
    • Working smartly and efficiently
  • We care about our community and give back in a meaningful and caring way
  • We are creative, innovative and value an entrepreneurial spirit. We are nimble, flexible,adaptable and responsive.
  • We create value for our customers and our company

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