Seton Ridge

Seton Ridge

Seton Ridge, located in Rockingham, will be developed on the former Sisters of Charity Motherhouse site. This area is one of the largest development parcels near downtown Halifax, located just 2 km from the Halifax Peninsula above Mount Saint Vincent University and overlooking the Bedford Basin.

Project plans for this development are currently underway for an estimated $500 million total development which will create a vibrant, sustainable community.

The site plan proposes the development of 1,976 housing units, including 185 single-family and townhouse units.

A town centre will be located in the heart of the site, containing the highest buildings with over 50,000 sq ft of integrated podium retail. The centre plans feature restaurants, a wine bar, banks, and other small-scale retail which will meet almost every need of new residents and those in the surrounding communities.

Overhead view from property

Seton Ridge Will Include:

  • 163 single detached dwellings
  • 22 townhouse dwellings
  • 8 apartment buildings containing 842 dwelling units
  • 6 mixed-use commercial-residential buildings, containing 830 dwelling units and 5,201 square metres of commercial space
  • 9 condo buildings with 949 units
  • 20 retail spaces totalling 55,977 sq.ft.

Seton Ridge Development Plan

The multi-unit residential and mixed-use commercial and residential buildings are concentrated at the centre of the site, and range from 8 to 14 storeys in height.

The single detached dwellings are to be located at the periphery of the site.

A 12,63 sq. ft. community centre is included as part of the proposal, within one of the mixed commercial-residential buildings. Its ownership and responsibility with regard to programming has yet to be determined.

The proposal includes several parks and public open spaces, with the most substantial park in the centre of the site offering ponds, green spaces, and fantastic views of the Bedford Basin and the city.

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