Bertossi Group Coming to Cunard Residences !

We are thrilled to announce that the Bertossi Group will be opening a new restaurant in Cunard Residences.

With a view like no other, the restaurant space will occupy close to 7,000 square feet and include a 4,000 square foot patio adjacent to the quintessential Halifax boardwalk. This commitment is a confirmation of the long-standing partnership Southwest Properties and Hakan Uluer’s Bertossi Group.  

“Our confidence in Halifax and the waterfront is undeniable,” says Hakan Uluer, owner of the Bertossi Group. “With the opportunity that this space, the building and the views provide, we plan on bringing an environment like no other to our guests.”

For Southwest Properties, this is a commitment to a local operator with a proven track record.  

“We are fortunate to have great relationships with our restaurateurs. Hakan and his team are as much colleagues as they are business partners,” said Spatz. “With the presence and profile of this space, we are thrilled to be able to partner with the Bertossi Group and grow our long-standing relationship.”

Uluer and his team will be collaborating on design elements with Southwest, especially the patio area, which location is unparalleled. 

With Ristorante a Mano and The Bicycle Thief already fixtures at Southwest’s Bishop’s Landing, this new restaurant will also feature a new approach.

“We are looking forward to bringing cuisine to this location that will specifically highlight vegetables and high quality, fresh seafood. Our backbone is of course Italian cuisine, and guests can continue to expect the same Italian handmade pastas and fresh ingredients that they have become accustomed to. An exceptional wine list and unique cocktails will accompany the new menu as always. We are truly looking forward to welcoming our guests with the open armed hospitality the Bertossi Group has become known for.”

The retail and commercial space within the development has already received considerable interest from both local and national operators looking to capture the growing residential market downtown and the nearly 2 million yearly passersby anticipated in the coming years.


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