COVID-19 – Southwest Community


September 17th, 2021

Southwest Properties COVID-19 Immunization Policy

Southwest Properties is committed to maintaining a safe work environment and protecting our employees, customers, and partners from COVID-19.

We have worked diligently over the past number of weeks developing a Covid-19 Immunization Policy. Our policy will further protect employees and customers from COVID-19 by preventing transmission and decreasing risks of an outbreak in our residential buildings, offices, job sites, and the places we conduct business. Vaccinations are recognized as a cornerstone for preventing or decreasing the effects of COVID-19, and as such the following protocols will be put in place:

For our Employees: Employees are required to submit a Covid-19 Immunization Status Form, and proof of immunization status. Southwest reserves the right to put additional safety protocols in place for employees who are not vaccinated.

For our Business Partners and Visitors: As part of this policy, we are providing an opportunity for our business partners and visitors to provide proof of their Covid-19 Immunization record. Additional safety protocols will be implemented at the discretion of Southwest for those who are not confirmed as fully vaccinated, and for those who do not wish to share their immunization status. These additional safety protocols will include but are not limited to including daily testing, and mask wearing [where applicable].

The Southwest Covid-19 Immunization Policy will remain in effect as required to ensure the health and safety of employees and other third parties. This policy will be revoked or amended as necessary, based on applicable public health advice. For business partners, contractors and office guests, protocols will go into effect on September 17th, 2021.

If you would like additional information on the Covid-19 Vaccination, please visit the Government of Nova Scotia’s Website. For additional information on our protocols and what this will mean for your team, please see attached PDF’s.

Online Resident Events

We have taken our residents events online !  Let's stay connected.  Please join us....

Pandemic Team Messages

The health, safety and wellness of our residents, employees and commercial tenants continues to be of upmost importance to Southwest Properties.  The Southwest's Pandemic Committee is focused on keeping abreast of the latest news and industry standards as it related to our stakeholders.  


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